Phase 4 of The Linked Management Models

Systems Engineering

Systems Thinking - Discovering what to consider when developing an action plan.  And…Finding where to focus our efforts to get the biggest bang for the buck.

By Craig A. Stevens, PMP, CC and his students

This model will help us find the best place to spend our limited resources. Spend your resources wisely – look for pressure points (the delays).

Link to Systems Engineering Life Cycles

Interesting Link: Complex systems with a culture twist -- Ford's most advanced assembly plant in rural Brazil 08/22/2007

We can simplify Systems Thinking By Pointing to the Drivers of Change Model!

Sub-Step 1 - Understand the Interrelationships Within Your Organization

Sub-Step 2 - Planning for Business Systems and Process Improvement

Sub-Step 3 - Minimize Cost and Maximize Effect (Cost Benefit Analysis)

Sub-Step 4 - Strategic Planning

Sub-Step 5 - Developing a Plan of Action

Sub-Step 6 - Preparing to Implement the Plan

This Model is covered in the following Westbrook Stevens books (Not Yet Released):

1. “Geronimo Jones and Systems Thinking is a fun action packed business novel written as a fictional case study adventure.

2. “Systems Thinking, a Step-by-step Approach to Implementation” is an easy to follow cookbook to help the average business professional implement systems thinking.

3. “The Workbook on Systems Thinking” is an easy to follow workbook provided during training programs on systems thinking.

There are Many Issues Related to Systems, Systems Thinking is One of These.  Many of the following concepts can be found in the  book...






















We are looking for the points where we can make the biggest impact with the least effort.











One would use the drivers of change model to find many of the related systems and elements of an organization.

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